Poems and Art by Survivors


Because you smiled

My eyes lifted

Because you laughed

I chuckled

Because you reached out

I gave

Because your heart cried

My tears rolled


Because I joked

You smiled

Because I gave you food

You are full

Because I tried

You got up again

Because I Love

You found Peace


In everything We do

We are connected

Because of One

We affect the other

Most of all

Inspite of it all

Because you cared

I started to Care

I started to Hope

I started to Dream


~ Mandala Lotus

Art above right: All Of Me - From Pain to Love by Mandala Lotus

- Locked In by Angelite

Disowned by despondency


Lonely, Disowned,

My cultural cloak burns under the Anglican fire,

Hope a 'whore ' I left seasick on my foray into self-disarray,

My sentiments feel so passe, Asian yet not entirely avant-garde,

Cinnamon skinned and scarred with destiny I play cards,

Be wary of the sharks in these choppy waters,

Deep blue like the vision of an imperialist,

I stay bludgeoned, To the bloody realisation,

Deafened by the perverse percussion of cultural Marxist presumption,

An eastern blend of cannabis of colonialism,

A bastardised brit with Borrowed wisdom,

I crave for love hungrily and insatiable,

My lover fictional and fable ridden, I'm smitten, 

I stay insipid in this trite existence,

Vanity temporarily uplifted by the falsehoods of a wise man,

Sick of sweet sentiment,

Devoid of lustful resonance,

A mere peddler of hope,

Self-pity 'my pornography' as it tears my taboo, like cheap linen,

I feel like a prized prick when the sun glistens,

But can't dance to the Carcadian rhythm,

Nothing more than an urban dweller,

Searching for a symphony which coos me capriciously away from this sobering reality.


~ The Forlorn Scribbler

Never Knowing Love

She never knew love,

Only hurt,
Childhood was conceived through a drunken,
Stupor a solicited itinerary,
Emotional deficiency,
She lay low,
With a broken halo,
That fork in the road,
Her soul was sold,
Raw like sushi,
Force fed a dirty dialect,
Groped, manhandled,
Shorn of her innocence.


~ Forlorn Scribbler

- Lost Heart by Angelite